Our Mission (from Matthew 28:18-20)

To Honor God by Leading People to Become Devoted Followers and Ministers of Jesus Christ


Open Bible...Global Perspective

Bethany Vision Faith Objectives:

1. Be a community of Christ-followers wholeheartedly responsive to the love of God.

We envision becoming a community of responsive worshippers, where every person longs for both individual and community worship; where lifting up Christ is enjoyed and appreciated in worship; where the character and works of God are relentlessly and passionately exalted; where the honoring of God is infused into every element and experience of the believer’s lives; where the presence of God is felt, experienced, and enjoyed regularly in individual lives, in their families, and in community worship; where knowing, loving, and honoring God is preeminent over any desire, ambition, accomplishment, and experience; where prayer is a passionate priority; and where God’s people are faithfully listening and responding to the heart and voice of their Heavenly Father.

2. Be a community of Christ-followers radically transformed by the person and work of Christ and into the image of Christ.

We envision becoming a community of journeying pilgrims, where the person and work of Christ is central to our lives and relationships; where God’s Word dwells in us richly and is transforming our minds and lives; where God’s Word and the Good News of the gospel are proclaimed and practiced; where faithful Bible study is practiced by God’s people; where authentic and mutually accountable relationships are the norm and are eagerly sought by the body; where suffering is welcomed as essential to the transformation journey; where tears are accepted, humanity permissible, and repentance and forgiveness embraced; where grace is the environment, holiness and obedience the expectation, and following Christ the expression of a multigenerational community covenanted together in the journey of life; where followers of Christ embrace the spiritual disciplines and integrate a biblical perspective and world-view into their lives; and where hope, healing, and reconciliation are powerfully discovered and displayed by God’s people.

3. Be a community of Christ-followers powerfully mobilized into Kingdom work by the Holy Spirit.

We envision becoming a community of mobilized ministers, where Christ-followers are carefully and courageously trained and deployed for Kingdom work, for spiritual battle, for service to the body, and for discipleship multiplication; where Spirit-activated boldness and Spirit-infused love for both believers and unbelievers are the norm; where Spirit-generated outreach and ministry to lost people is regularly engaged by God’s people; where kingdom-minded believers courageously take the gospel across their streets and across the oceans; where people’s spiritual gifts are faithfully activated for service to the believing community and to our broken world; where the leading and empowering of the Holy Spirit is embraced and enjoyed; where Great Commission partnerships are welcomed; and where God’s people regularly live out their purpose and calling as devoted followers and ministers of Jesus Christ.