Why Life Groups?

The Mission of Bethany Life Groups is to honor God by leading people to become devoted followers and ministers of Jesus Christ in and through community.

Bethany Life Groups hold to the same mission, vision and values as the entire Bethany family. For us, the term “devoted” relates the mind-set of being “all in,” being totally committed, and being fully surrendered to Jesus Christ. It is our desire to have this devoted mind-set within our hearts as we lead or direct people to Christ within our Life Groups. In doing this, we believe our Life Groups will achieve our Vision of being a community of Christ followers who are whole heartedly responsive to the love of God, radically transformed into the image of Christ, and powerfully mobilized for Kingdom work.

To accomplish our mission we draw our measurements for essentials from our faith objectives.  From these we formed four categories for our Life Groups to be “devoted” to Christ Jesus: (1) Jesus Christ being central to our lives and relationships thereby creating a grace filled atmosphere, (2) We abide in Christ through letting God’s Word dwell in us richly by studying and obeying it, (3) We seek authentic and mutually accountable relationships, where repentance, forgiveness and reconciliation are practiced, (4) and We form a Biblical Worldview in the midst of broken and suffering humanity, where hope and healing come only through Christ.

Contact church office  if you have any questions: office@bethanyefree.org or 303-798-8419.

Sunday Morning Adult Bible Fellowships (ABFs)

9 a.m. Sunday morning Adult Bible Fellowships (also know as Sunday Morning Life Groups) provide an opportunity for us to create more space Sunday morning to be transformed into the image of Christ through relationships, studying God’s Word, and prayer. There are a variety of classes that meet in the Fellowship Hall and classrooms below the Sanctuary during the first hour (9 a.m.). Check out different classes if you would like, we would love to have you join us!

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Weekly Life Groups

Weekly Life Groups are a place for us to create space in our lives, during the week, for the purpose of responding wholeheartedly to God’s love for us, so that we may be transformed into the image of Christ. These groups provide a regular gathering place and time for people who are looking to have deeper community and relationships than Sunday morning can provide.  They focus on connecting people as a family, to encourage and remind them of God’s love, as well as calling one another to reach out and love our broken World.  We practice this through discussing God’s Word, praying for each other, and inviting people.  We have a variety of groups meeting on a variety of nights and mornings. Please consider joining a Life Group today! If you are interested click here or contact Aaron Eichman at Aaroneichman@bethanyefree.org

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Affinity Groups

Bethany has a number of Affinity Life Groups formed to create space to  be transformed into the image of Christ through shared interests and common bonds. These diverse, affinity, groups range from disability ministry, to fly fishing, to mothers of preschoolers (MOPS). Take a look at Bethany’s Affinity Groups by clicking on the link below.  Maybe you will find one that connects with you!

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