Shoulder 2 Shoulder

Mission: To honor God by leading men to become devoted followers, ministers, and ambassadors of Jesus Christ.
Purpose: An Intentional Disciplemaking Ministry to Men.
Vision: Ministering To and Through the Men of Bethany Evangelical Free Church.
Core Values: God’s Word, Prayer, Fellowship, Service, Outreach, Discipleship, and Servant Leadership.


  • To help accomplish the Mission of BEFC in a uniquely masculine context.
  • To develop leaders in the church for ministry to men, then throughmen.
  • To provide male contexts of ministry for men’s unique interests, needs and characteristics.
  • To serve as entry and assimilation points for men coming to Bethany.
  • To help move men from ministry within the walls to ministry outsidethe walls of the church.

Arenas of Ministry

  • Life Groups
  • Second Saturday
  • Service Projects
  • Mentoring
  • Special Events and Men’s Summits
  • Outdoor Adventure
  • Leadership Development for the Family, Church and Community


We will seek to employ a variety of opportunities to “Create, Capture and Sustain” a healthy ministry to men. These opportunities will take into consideration factors such as age, spiritual maturity, interests, needs, various sizes of groups, and an individual’s availability.

Larger events help create momentum and appeal to a larger segment of the church. Middle size groups follow with intent to capture the momentum of the larger event. Smaller group sizes help to sustain ministry by involving men over a longer period of time, thus building the relationships necessary for deeper spiritual growth.

In addition to these, it is our belief that each man is not only called to be a disciple, but to become a disciplemaker (leading others to become ministers of Jesus Christ). Therefore, as often as possible, ministry will be done with both a leader and a learner in position.

2nd Saturday

The second Saturday of each month, the men meet for breakfast, fellowship and listen to guest speakers sharing from God’s Word.