Prayer- Week 4

Prayer- Week 4


Intercessory Prayer

In response to the following Scriptures, pray the following ways.  Descriptions of these ways can be found below.

MON| James 1:27                                                                                             FAMED Prayer for Christian Ministries to, “The Least of These.”

TUES| 1 Corinthians 13                                                                                  PRIDE Prayer to Remain Loving w/Difficult People

WED| Hosea 12:6; Amos 5:24; Romans 12:19; Hebrews 10:30      FAMED Prayer for Bethany

 THUR| 1 Corinthians 15:54-58                                                                   PRIDE Prayer for Staying Committed to God’s Truth & Jesus’ Mission

FRI| Psalm 96:2-4                                                                                            NIKE Prayer for Those Who Do Not Follow Jesus

SAT| Micah 6:6-8                                                                                              PRIDE Prayer for an Area of Justice



Families – Pray for the families of those in the organization, that they would have salvation in Jesus and would walk by His instruction

Attitudes – Pray for the attitudes and encouragement of those in the organizations

Manpower– Pray that God would provide laborers for the work the organization does

Executives – Pray for wisdom, courage, and encouragement for the leaders of the organization

Dollars – Pray for an organization’s finances, that God would provide all they need in this area



Passion – Pray for a passion for a specific work

Removal of sin – Pray God would remove specific sins or attitudes that would hinder this work

Insight – Pray for insight as to the best way to engage a specific work

Determination – Pray for determination and courage to see the work through until the end

Encouragement – Pray for encouragement to continue in the work



Need – Pray for God to miraculously provide for a need in the person’s life

Illumination – Pray for God to grant illumination and cause the person to see something in the light of God’s truth

Knowledge – Pray for the person to reject lies about who Jesus is and know who Jesus says He is

Experience – Pray for the person to personally experience the love of Jesus