Previous Sermons

Previous Sermons

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Deep End: the People of God in a World Gone Mad

Spiritual Blessings in Christ

Medic: God’s Healing for the World’s Hurts

Bigger: Our Big Work, God’s Bigger Power

Noah: Survive, Evade, Resist, Escape

20/20: A Clear Look at God, Ourselves, and Our World

Pastor Scott Ritterbush, Pastor Francisco Mendez, 5th Annual combined service of Bethany and Vida Nueva Churches

Pastor Commissioning

Tuned In: Paying Attention to God’s Spirit

Grace and Truth

Never Alone, Forever Empowered

 Mary’s Easter Morning

As You Will

Profiles of a Praying Christian

Stories and God’s Faithfulness

Bethany’s Global Footprint

Acts 4, 9, 15; A Guy Named Joe

 Luke 24; The Giver: Closeness, Unexpectedness, History, Intimacy and Sacrifice

Hosea 1, 3: Chapel, Brothel, and Marketplace


Quenched By Living Water

Milk and Honey: How Not To Get Lost on Your Way to the Promised Land

Welcoming Our New Pastor: Part 3

Welcoming Our New Pastor: Part 2

Farewell to Ephesus

The Joy of Serving

Lives Invested In a Lasting Kingdom

Advent 2016

Our Father, Matthew 6:9-13

Where In The World Is God?

Now That We’ve Voted, What Do We Do Next?


The Lord’s Prayer

Be Strong and Courageous

Poor Choices

Loving the Lord

The Mission of God

Human Authority and the Sovereignty of God

The Father’s Love for His Children

Hope & Action

Stand Your Ground, Ephesians 6

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Restoring Your Passion

How Then Shall We Live?

Shifting Focus, Psalm 145

Be Strong and Courageous, Psalm 27

Seeking the Lord When You Are Surrounded, Psalm 25

Mothers Day 2016

7 Signs of Messiah Jesus

Easter Sunday 2016

Infinitely More

Fence Me In

Bethany’s Values

Nehemiah, Rebuilding the Walls

Trust in God

Download the Psalm document used by prayer groups January 10

Grace and Truth

Advent 2015, “Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne”



Rest: Be Still My Soul

The Sovereignty of God

More of the Spirit

3rd Annual Bethany/Vida Nueva Combined Service

God’s Empowering Presence

Mothers Day 2015

Holy Week to Pentecost 2015

Living the Lord’s Prayer


Concert of Prayer (January 11)

Advent 2014 (Go Tell It On The Mountain)

Encountering The Presence Of God

A Joyful Heart

Holy Week 2014

Let Go, Let God: A Lenten Series On Surrendering to God

Maximizing Your Missions Impact

Gospel-Centered Discipleship