About Us

About Us

Our Mission (from Matthew 28:18-20)

To Honor God by Leading People to Become Devoted Followers and Ministers of Jesus Christ

Our Passion

What does our mission mean? It means we want to see people grow into bulwark Christians. What’s a bulwark Christian? It’s a person who stands firm in Jesus by holding to counter-cultural beliefs, offering counter-cultural worship, and practicing counter-cultural love, no matter the pressure to do otherwise. Our passion is to see an entire community of bulwark Christians right here in Denver.

our commitments

We believe that God is honored when generations are united. Therefore, we are committed to being a multi-generational church.

We believe God speaks through his Word. Therefore we are committed to the expository preaching and teaching of the Bible.

We believe that true worship leads all God’s people to proclaim his works, praise his character, and pray with passion. Therefore we utilize a mix of hymns and contemporary music in our worship.

We believe the Church is God’s channel of blessing to the world. Therefore, we seek to send and support missionaries to and throughout the world.

Our Values

        An Open Bible                                             A Servant Attitude

        A Bended Knee                                           A Global Perspective

        A Joyful Heart                                             An Evangelistic Fervor

        A Hospitable Spirit

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