Giving at Bethany

Sharing Our Resources to Expand the Kingdom

Giving as Worship

At Bethany we believe that our financial giving is part of our full and complete Worship of the Lord. We recognize that everything we have is a gift from God, and that our faithful giving plays an integral part in the expansion of God’s Kingdom at home and around the world.

How Funds Are Distributed

At Bethany we receive and use our donations in four main areas:

  • General Fund: This fund is for the operational expenses of the church including our mortgage, the operating costs of our facility, the ministry costs of all our programs, and the salary and benefit costs of our staff. Unless your gift (or a portion of your gift) is specifically designated to one or more of the other funds, all of the gift will be placed in the General Fund.
  • Missions/Global Outreach Fund: Bethany has a strong heritage of active and vibrant missions engagement. God has blessed us by allowing us to be a strong sending church, evidenced by two thirds of the missionaries we support considering Bethany to be their home church. Donations to the Missions Fund must be specifically designated to this fund at the time the gift is given. Overall, missions giving comprises about 20% of the total combined giving to Bethany .
  • Building Fund: This fund is used for unexpected facility/property needs that arise from time to time. As it grows, it is also used for accelerated mortgage reduction .
  • Benevolent Fund: This fund is used to help people who find themselves in severe financial difficulty. While some assistance is given to people outside the church, the vast majority of these funds are used to help people who are part of our Bethany Church family.

Other Funds: Short-Term Mission Trips and other Special Projects arise on a regular basis and are funded totally by special designated gifts. Please contact the church for further information on how to give to these funds.