Missions-Global Outreach

Missions-Global Outreach

Missionaries We Support

Of the 33 families and individuals the church supports, 23 call Bethany their church home or attended Bethany for an extended period of time (noted by *).

Eastern Europe Ministry Focus

Dave & Connie Patty* — Josiah Venture, Czech President of J.V.

Daniel & Kim Johnson* — Josiah Venture, Czech Republic youth evangelism, training and church planting.

Josh & Kristi Patty* — Josiah Venture, Slovenia, youth evangelism and training.

Larry & Colleen Gingery* — Ukraine, teaching English at Ternopil Missionary Institute.

Translation Ministry

Brad & Toni Guderian* — Wycliffe, Bible translation for the Koluwawa people in Papua New Guinea.

Asia Ministry Focus

Keith & Molly Dunn — Central Asia

Neil & Wannee Thompson* — OMF, Medical Missions Initiative.

Brian &Becky Lee — OMF College Mobilization Director and Young Adult Prayer Mobilizer.

Saji & Cynthia John — John Foundation, India.

       Mark & Kerry Kelland — Remember Nhu, Cambodia.


Latin America & Spain Ministry Focus

Mark & Martha Hendrickson — EFCA ReachGlobal, Costa Rica – Latin America Training Network LATN/ProMETA, for Masters level distance education of Christian leaders throughout Latin America.

Jon & Meta Nelson — EFCA ReachGlobal, Spain – Instructor and course developer for LATN/ProMETA as well as the Theological School with the Spanish Free Churches.

Africa Ministry Focus

Jim & Ramona Adams* — WorldVenture, Senegal. Jim teaching at Dakar Academy, Ramona administrating the WV Africa team.

       Jette Guiderian* — Resourcing Christian Educators Intl. She is teaching at Dakar Academy, Dakar, Senegal

Warren and Lindsey Cooper*— Christian Health Services, Democratic Republic of Congo. Surgeon and Pediatric doctor at Nyankunde Hospital.

Mark & Stacy Luckey — Every Child Ministries, AFAYO Project, Uganda – Community development through schooling and Farming God’s Way.

Larry Buck* — The Jesus Film Project.

Cadence International – Ministry to military personnel

David & Joyce Schroeder* — President of Cadence International.

Danny & Kathryn Perez – Pope Air Base, North Carolina.

Kevin & Sharon Scheible* – Naval Station. Rota, Spain – Student Ministries

Dick & Margaret Patty*  Missionary Emeritus.

Ron & Liz Dice* — Missionary Emeritus.

Sharane Brockmeyer* — Missionary Emeritus.