Sermons on Genesis

Sermons on Genesis


Genesis 35-36 After a journey that has changed him, Jacob receives instructions from God and a reminder of the covenant that was established by Him with his ancestors. The response shows him that when he had nothing, it was God who protected him. Now that he has everything it is only God who can assure him of protection. shows shows Guest speaker Dr. Saji K John, President and founder of The John Foundation teaches on the first 15 verses of Chapter 35 and how after running for so long, Jacob is given a new identity as he returns to his first commitment.


Genesis 34 A stonefish is a creature that lives on the sea floor among rocks or near coral reefs. It is also the most venomous fish in the world. This week, Pastor Ritterbush draws a parallel between the venom of the stonefish and the venom encountered by Jacob and his sons as they address the assault of his daughter Dinah.


Genesis 32-33 The story of Jacob wrestling with God is a familiar one to many, but it is only a part of the narrative of his reunion with his brother. Scott opens up the passage and points out an interesting twist in the life of Jacob and how God uses the same concepts for His servants today.


Genesis 30:25-31:55 After Jacob decided to end his service to Laban and return home, he once again encountered how deceitful Laban was. Pastor Scott teaches that instead of being effected by the winds of compromise and blown off course, we can anchor ourselves in a different kind of shelter.
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