Sermons by Scott Ritterbush (Page 7)

Sermons by Scott Ritterbush (Page 7)


Genesis 32-33 The story of Jacob wrestling with God is a familiar one to many, but it is only a part of the narrative of his reunion with his brother. Scott opens up the passage and points out an interesting twist in the life of Jacob and how God uses the same concepts for His servants today.


Genesis 30:25-31:55 After Jacob decided to end his service to Laban and return home, he once again encountered how deceitful Laban was. Pastor Scott teaches that instead of being effected by the winds of compromise and blown off course, we can anchor ourselves in a different kind of shelter.


Genesis 29:31-30:24 In their marriage to Jacob, Leah was able to produce children, while Rachael did not. During this, Rachael’s focus on her disgrace was in two areas. Scott Ritterbush looks at these areas, and where we should look to alleviate our disgrace.


Colossians 1, Galatians 5; For his message this Easter, Senior Pastor Scott Ritterbush discusses how via the work done on the cross, God hung a different kind of sign up for this world.


Genesis 29:1-30 During his search for a wife, Jacob finds that he is deceived in much the same manner as he deceived Isaac.


Genesis 28:13-22  Pastor Scott looks at how when Jacob was brought face-face with God’s promises, he didn’t respond with gratitude or worship, rather he responded with conditions.


Genesis 27-28:5  Jacob, who deceived his blind dad, whose brother hates him, who will never again see his mom, receives Isaac’s blessing.


Genesis 26. Pastor Scott Ritterbush explores how neither disobedience or opposition will stop Yahweh from blessing those who He wants.


Genesis 25:19-34. Continuing on our journey through Genesis, we branch off into a 5 week series of Indulgence and what it means to enjoy the many and varied blessings of God as much as we can.