"Poison" Tagged Sermons

"Poison" Tagged Sermons

Surgery for the Soul: Week 5

Mark 12:28-33 What is the most important commandment in all of the Bible? This question was posed to Jesus by a Pharisee. When He answered, He also added a second commandment that was probably not expected. Scott looks at what does this mean for believers today? How do we go about it in today’s post-modern world?

Surgery for the Soul: Week 4

Mark 10:35-45 Two of Jesus’s disciples come to Him with a self-serving request. As was His style, He addressed the core of their request, and the other disciples grumbling, with a familiar statement. Scott Ritterbush delves into the meaning of this as well as looking closer at the idea of “The Common Good.”

Surgery for the Soul: Week 3

Mark 10:17-31 How do you view money? What does it mean to you? A young, rich man approaches Jesus and asks a question. He responds with a different question, and instructions which send the man away in sadness. Pastor Ritterbush looks at this story, and addresses greed and how money can effect us as believers, and what she should recognize.

Surgery for the Soul: Week 2

Mark 10:12-16 Continuing the topic from last week, Pastor Scott further delves into the subject of divorce. This week, he unpacks What does the Bible and the Gospel say about divorce and how it relates to 5 particular areas.

Surgery for the Soul: Week 1

Mark 10:1-16 In the 21st century church, divorce is a reality that has impacted many families. Whether it’s growing up in a home that has been affected by or having gone through a divorce directly, it is a difficult topic to teach on. In the first of a two-week discussion on this topic, Pastor Scott looks at what Jesus says about it.