Sermons from June 2019

Sermons from June 2019

Faith That Won’t Fail: Week 5

Mark 8:27-38 Everyone has seen pictures of beautiful scenery with a verse in front of it. One of the things that Scott Ritterbush mentions from time to time is that there are verses that you will not see on such prints. This week, the core of the message surrounds Mark 8:34, which he says is one of those verses you won’t see. He dissects the passage and what it means for believers today.

Faith That Won’t Fail: Week 4

Mark 8:11-31 In another encounter with the Jesus, the Pharisees demanded that he produce signs for them to prove who He was. It wasn’t because they wanted to believe in Him, but rather to make sure that he fit what they wanted to believe in. Pastor Ritterbush looks at this story, and examines how it applies today in our “Believe What You Like” culture.

Faith That Won’t Fail: Week 3

Mark 7:31- 8:10 “Christ came to make many groups one people.” Scott looks at a pair of miracles that were done by Jesus in not the most welcoming of places for Jews. In doing these miracles, Christ obliterated various social and cultural lines of division between Jews and Gentiles.

Faith That Won’t Fail: Week 2

Mark 7:24-30 The best exercise you can do for leg strength and development is the squat. In this weeks message, Pastor Ritterbush compares how to build your faith much as squats will build your legs.