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Next Series: What If Jesus Was Your Mentor

You know, it’s hard to build your life on anything when it feels like everything is constantly changing. But what if you had Jesus here with you, right here, right now? What if He spoke to you, specifically? You could build your life on that. So what might He say?


If Jesus Was Your Mentor Week 4

Mark 5:1-20 After crossing the sea of Galilee, Jesus is approached by a demon possessed man. After a very brief moment, Jesus commands the demons to come out of the man and into a herd of pigs. Pastor Scott looks at this story, what it means in the 21st century and how we can take comfort in it.


Mark 4:35-41 Senior Pastor Scott Ritterbush returns with insights on the story of Jesus calming the sea. In it, he addresses faith, doubt, fear, and trust on the concept that Jesus is good.


Mark 4:21-34 Guest speaker and member of the Bethany preaching team Jim Barrett looks at 3 parables from this gospel that discuss the Kingdom of Heaven. In addition he examines how the Kingdom of God comes and how it starts.


Mark 4:1-20 Starting a new series this week, Pastor Scott brings to Bethany Church the story of the Fyre Festival in the Bahamas, and how that didn’t meet expectations. Then looks at a known passage of Jesus’s teaching and compares our faith to that of the Fyre Festival.