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Current Series: A Christmas Card From Heaven

Christmas Cards can be many things. They can make you laugh. They can make you cry. they do put a bit of warmth back into your heart. If you were to receive a Christmas Card from Heaven, What would it look like? Look with us at a small book that can be viewed like a Christmas Card. To us… From God


3 John 1:5-12 Over the past couple of weeks, Pastor Scott has shared themes of Love and Joy. This week, he imparts a different theme from this section of 3 John, “What Can I Do To Make My World Better.” He highlights the ideas of Making Disciples and Sharing what you have with others.


3 John 1:2-4 One of the things that Christmas cards do is is they convey value. When you receive one, you feel valued to some degree by the person who sent it. In the book of 3rd John, the sender, John was conveying value to the recipient, Gaius with this letter, and Scott Ritterbush draws 3 things that we can take as encouragements from the passage this week.


3 John 1:1 Senior Pastor Scott Ritterbush opens the Advent Season with a new series in the book of 3rd John. The premise is this. If you were to receive a Christmas Card from Heaven, what would it say? That is what 3rd John can be viewed as: A Christmas Card.


Titus 3:1-15 When the tough times come, and they will, who do you want with you? Who do you want on your side? Guest speaker Jim Barrett lays out three reasons from the reading.