June 3| Pray, throughout the week,

Father, pour out a spirit of generosity in my life.

At our June 26th service, Dr. Scott Wenig challenged us not to be like the rich fool who planned to build bigger barns to hoard his wealth (Luke 12:13-21), but to pursue extravagant generosity. The 8th chapter of 2Corinthians is a well-known passage of Scripture dealing with generosity and giving.  In that chapter Paul commends the Macedonian churches, who, though very poor, gave a generous financial gift to the struggling church in Jerusalem.  But Paul acknowledges that before the Macedonians gave their money, they first committed themselves to God.  They recognized that a true spirit of generosity comes from God, as the Holy Spirit births a love for others that prompts us to eagerly meet their needs.  

This spirit of generosity is not limited to meeting the physical needs of others; it also involves a heart of compassion for those who haven’t committed their lives to Christ. As Christians we have received the greatest gift available to all mankind.  A generous spirit, implanted in our hearts by the Holy Spirit, should prompt (even compel) us to share that gift with others.  Our example here is God, whose great love resulted in the most extreme act of generosity, the sacrificing of His Son, so that we might become His children. (John 3:16)

However, we should also be generous in meeting the physical needs of those in need, because it demonstrates our love for them and often opens the door for us to share the Gospel message. 1Timothy 6:18 speaks to this when Paul tells Timothy to command believers who are wealthy to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share.

Throughout this week ask God to plant a spirit of generosity (or greater generosity) in your heart.

(Prayers taken from 21 Days to Increase Your Spiritual Conversations by  Gary Rohrmayer and Mark Albrech)