U.S. Ministries 

Robert Quintana

Pilgrim Community Church (EFCA), Denver CO

Robert Quintana — , Elyria, Colorado. Robert is the pastor of Pilgrim Church in the small Hispanic communities of Elyria, Swansia, and Globeville.

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Mark & Debbie Stephens

National Network of Youth Ministries, San Diego CA

Mark and Debbie Stephens work with the National Network of Youth Ministries. Mark serves as COO and CFO of NNYM focused on uniting youth workers and national ministries to reach teenagers.

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Gwen Kennicutt Gagne

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Denver CO

Gwen serves in Denver, ministering to students at CU Denver, Metro State University (MSU), Community College of Denver (CCD) and University of Denver (DU). 

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Larry Buck

The Jesus Film Project, Los Angeles  CA

Larry works with The Jesus Film Project. He focuses on major donor funding and development for the worldwide ministry of The Jesus Film and other film projects. He is located in Southern California.

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