Senior Pastor

  • Born and raised in Nebraska (Go Big Red!)
  • Played Division II Football in College
  • Married a Division I Soccer Player (she never lets me forget who is the better athlete)
  • Three young kids, two sons and one daughter (my dad joke game is on point)
  • Did grad school at Denver Seminary (no jokes here, just grateful for the education)
  • LOVES to read (bookstores are my happy place)
  • Been in Colorado four years (and five years before that, with a little break in the Chicago suburbs between)

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Associate Pastor of Worship

  • Grew up in Washington state and lived in Chicago for seven years before moving to Denver
  • Married his high school sweetheart
  • Attended Moody Bible Institute and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (this is when I developed a love of books with footnotes)
  •  Loves playing music (the first instrument I learned was cello, the most recent was mandolin)
  • Terrible at sports (I was an orchestra kid in High School) 
  • Guilty pleasure is McDonald's (unfortunately there is one right next to the church) 
  • Loves to hike (I have often been accused of intentionally misleading people about the length of a hike in an attempt to make it a longer trip)

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Children and Family Ministry Director

  • Married with 3, 5 or 7 kids.
  • Moved to Colorado in 1996 to be closer to family.
  • Serving Bethany as the Director of Busy Bee Preschool since 2001, 
  • Holds a Master's in Education with undergraduate degrees in social work and child psychology
  • Served at the University of Illinois for 13 years, as the state wide coordinator for training in the area of disabilities
  • Previously President of the local chapter of The Arc, and The Arc of Illinois
  • Previously a skier, a camper, a lover of crafts, music, travel and hospitality
  • Continuing life as a lover of Jesus, prayer and His word

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Children and Family Ministry Coordinator

  • Colorado Native, Born & Raised (Authentic Mile High Accent)
  • Worked with kids for more than 25 years (official eyes in back of head)
  • Married over 1/2 my life (still mastering communication skills)
  • Two adult children (time flies while having fun)
  • Have a green thumb (and purple toes, pink ears, brown eyes)
  • Animal lover (except rodents, spiders, snakes and other "heebee geebee" critters)
  • Always a tune in my head (aspiring "front whistler" in future band)

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Administrative Coordinator 

  • Grew up in Florida (Go Gators!) but also lived in North Carolina and Hawai'i.
  • Was a missionary for 11 years with Cru. Besides being escorted through the jungle by machine-gun-wielding Guatemalans, working as a magazine journalist was by far her favorite job ever. 
  • Taught private piano lessons for over 20 years . . . turns out 5-year-olds are way better at time management (practicing) than teenagers. Who knew?
  • Loves the outdoors, especially freediving and rock climbing. If you aren't into heights or underwater adventure, let's go hiking sometime!
  • Is passionate about eco-friendly options and educating people about helping the environment, especially oceans. Styrofoam and single-use plastics are her enemies.
  • Considers herself a bit of a “foodie," loves music and time with friends.
  • Married a guy from Hawai'i. Yes, he surfs. :)

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