June 12| Pray, throughout the week,

 Father, help me to know my strengths and focus them in partnership with others to advance your mission

Paul tells us in 1 Cor 12:12 that the Church (the body of Christ) is made up of many parts.  Through the Holy Spirit, Christ has gifted each of us with a variety of spiritual gifts (Rom 12:6-8) so that working together we can fulfill the mission we have been given to make disciples (Matt 28: 18-20).

It’s helpful to know what our particular gifts are so that we know how we can partner with those who have complimentary gifts as we seek to effectively spread the salvation message of the Gospel.  We tend to think of evangelism as an individual responsibility, but it's really a church-wide effort as we teach and admonish one another (Col 3:16), learn from one another, encourage one another (1Thes 5:11), and especially as we pray for one another (Eph 6:19-20).

Pray that God would give you wisdom and insight as to how you can partner with and support others in making Christ known in our backyard and around the world.

(Prayers taken from 21 Days to Increase Your Spiritual Conversations by  Gary Rohrmayer and Mark Albrech)